Transfiere 2024

Transfiere, European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation


3/22/20241 min read

A more sustainable waste management present at Transfiere

Transfiere, the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, is currently being held in Malaga. This is the largest European event on R+D+i and knowledge transfer held in Andalusia and in which the Waste with Intelligence initiative has been present as a medium-term reality for the capital of the Costa del Sol. A great commitment to the circular economy, sustainability and the adjustment to the standards required by the EU in this area. Quite a challenge for a 21st century city that is committed to being a green and efficient smart city for its inhabitants and visitors.

Transfiere is a forum that connects the entire Spanish innovation system and promotes its international projection. Talent, scientific-technological development, access to investment and business in a high potential meeting to generate global alliances and synergies.

An exhibition where more than 800 companies and entrepreneurs present their new and innovative technologies applied to the world from Malaga and where waste management through AI is also taking centre stage, as recycling more and generating less and less waste is one of the great global challenges in the fight against climate change.

A wide range of top professionals in different fields of innovation present projects and needs with high-level applied solutions these days at Transfiere.

Transfiere's comprehensive programme of thematic panels and conferences provides the opportunity to access valuable up-to-date information, presented by leading personalities from the scientific, technological and business fields.

And among other initiatives, visitors will be able to learn first-hand about the smart waste management project planned to improve the city of Malaga.